Adaptive Computational Technologies

Head of the Laboratory
Head of CompMechLab,
Prof., Dr. Alexey Borovkov

Research Activities

Applied Mechanics:
– Mechanics of Solids and Structures
– Fracture and Damage Mechanics
– Mechanical Engineering
– Mechanics of Composite Materials

Development of adaptive computational technologies based on stochastic methods

Computational mechanics, direct mathematical and computer modeling based on FEA

Application, development and implementation of high-end science-intensive computer technologies for design and engineering into curriculum, research and engineering

Implementation of R&D and engineering projects, consulting in the areas of dynamics and strength of mechanical systems, structures and machines

Collaboration with Industry

Possessing polytechnic knowledge and with use of technology transfer system, researchers of laboratory perform projects for almost all areas of industry:
– Automotive
– Aerospace
– Oil & Gas
– Civil Engineering
– Energy
– Nuclear Power


Schlumberger, Ahlstrom, AVISMA,
LG Electronics, General Motors, EDAG,
Ramboll, Boeing, Airbus


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