Center of Excellence in Adaptive Simulation and Intelligent Control Systems.

Laboratory Facilities

Intelligent control network of industrial controllers and automatic machines with hierarchical architectures and problem-oriented agent-based software for decentra-lized control of distributed objects and technological processes

Automatic assembling line with multi-tasks robots and hierarchical control networks with multi-agent architecture

60 node Intel Xeon based cluster

5 workstations Intel Core2Quad Q6600, 8Gb RAM, 400 Gb HDD HPC Server Intel Xeon E5440A 2 CPU, 16Gb RAM, 1 Tb HDD

Powerful computing center based on PC network graphics workstations: Intel XEON 3,0 Quad*2 /800MHz/2M

Professional workstation for visualization, compo-siting and animation based on Avid Liquid Chrome HD Plus v. 6.1

Visualization system of three-dimensional images

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