Center of Excellence in Adaptive Simulation and Intelligent Control Systems.

Activity Goals

Research and advancements in the area of fundamental approaches, development and application of new methods for the intelligent control of distributed systems, technological processes, android robots and cooperative behavior of robots networks based computational mathematics, computer technologies and theory of artificial intelligence

Development of the adaptive computational technologies for solution of the topical engineering problems to estimate the complex physical behavior and characteristics of the real world sophisticated systems in machine-building, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding
and energy industries

Development of the new adaptive-stochastic methods in computational mathematics and mechanics.

Development of new approaches to the simulation of turbulence and computational aero-acoustics; numerical analysis of external and internal turbulent flows

Visualization of scientific analysis results with high quality standards of computer graphics (including stereoscopic graphics), virtual reality, multimedia technologies

Master and PhD degree programs; postdoctoral research; advanced trainings for research assistants, engineers and designers in the areas of:
— Applied Mechanics
— Aero- and Hydro-dynamics
— Intelligent Systems & Technologies








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