Computational Hydro and Aero Acoustics and Turbulence

Head of the Laboratory
Prof., Dr. M. Kh. Strelets

Directions of Activity

Turbulence modeling
Building and validation of different turbulence modeling and simulation approaches in the framework of RANS, LES, DNS, and RANS-LES hybrids
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Development of efficient numerical algorithms for solution of aerodynamic and aero-acoustic problems

Computational Aero-Acoustics
Development of methods for noise prediction based on first principles of aerodynamics and aero-acoustics

International Collaboration

Leading European Universities, Aerospace Research Establishments, and Industries in Eurpope and USA
Imperial College London (UK), University of Manchester (UK), TUB (Germany), Chalmers University (Sweden) DLR, IMFT, ONERA EADS (Germany), Alenia Aeronautics (Italy), Dassault Aviation (France), etc.

ANSYS (Germany), The Boeing Company (USA), General Electric Global Research (USA), General Electric Aviation Engines (USA)


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